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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So sweet

No dull moment when you spend every minute with the person who captured our heart. My son is growing up though sometimes I get tired from working so many hours every week and taking care the household chores but having my son make a difference. He lighten us up when storm come. God truly blessed our household with little boy who is very energenic, smart and a happy one. When he spend weekend with his grandparents, me and hubby enjoy the company alone but in the other hand we can't help it but missing him. We mimick all his expressions and words. I think that's naatural for all those parents who are raising toddler. For us every words that he learn to speak and new things that he do are precious. Who would thought, that you can act like them at all. That was fun!!! We can silly in natural way and have a happy life. The time flies too fast and we can stop him from growing. We just enjoy every minute, every moment with him. Soon, time will come that he would resist to sleep in our bed anymore and totally become independent. Time will come that he will not beg for hugs and kisses and he is now. It's funny how he whine for kisses and hugs from us (me and his daddy). Of course, we have to give that right away. Ain't that sweet:-)?

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