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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Creek-ing day

Winter? Don't feel like it yesterday.  We were in 60's degrees and fabulous day to play-out-side with neighbor kids.  As well, going to the creek with church friends. 

My son learned to leap from rock to rock to cross the little creek behind the house of our dear friend.  He fell once in the water but recovered so quick.  He didn't soak his feet in the water for a very long time.

I like to hear the rushing water sounds.  It soothes the feeling, it ease the mind, calm the spirit.  Of course, rocks and some big trees around the creek added the beauty of the little creek.  How precious to enjoy God's beautiful creation everyday.  BTW, this is my first post again after so many years been gone.  I'm hoping that I have this desire to keep writing again.  Turning this to personal/travel blog.  My family and I been visiting and traveling again.  So it will be worth to documented them again.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm back!

Oh, what a day that made me think to start writing here again. I would say today is an exceptional-hehehe. I feel like I need to continue expressing my heart and my mind in writings. What's going on of my life now? With blogging, fresh thoughts, experiences and adventures are going to share again. It would be worth it to look back in the near future anything that happens today.
What's new? Well, first thing I want to tell the world that we are expecting our 2nd baby. Yeah right?!!! So that's one reason why I think to start blogging after months and months been away from it. I want to give everyone an updates about my pregnancy and share how good God is. On the other hand, my first child is growing too fast. I want to continue sharing/ updates y'all about my growing family.... This is a plan pregnancy??? Well, both my husband and I wanted to have two children. We prayed and laid our plans to the Lord. We asked God if it is His will to bless us another child so be it!
We are happy that once again He answerred our prayers. God is ever faithful! In Matthew 7:7-8 says; Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
This is how we announced to our families and friends on facebook.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

On the Father's day weekend, my family and I went for a short trip to Atlanta, Georgia.  The main purpose is to meet up with my niece who were coming from the Philippines to Hawaii then Atlanta for IFMA conference.  With some circumstances we ended up not seeing her.  But that's part of life, right!  We can't avoid some delayed with the flights and changes our plan.  It's always good to have plan B or plan C when plan A become unsuccessful. 
To make our trip memorable and enjoyable my hubby bought us a city pass ticket that we can go in to at least 5 attractions in the city.  Our first choice was to go and see the one of the biggest aquarium in the world (Georgia Aquarium).  We enjoyed seeing of big and small fishes.
On our last day, we decided to take the boy to the zoo.  Yeah!  we got zoo here in Arkansas but sometimes it's fun to experience to different states.  Since we got the city pass we were treated like VIP anyway.  We got in to any attraction with less hassled.

 That day, we let our boy experienced the carousel ride.  That was his first time and we saw how he was happy and enjoyed the ride.  If only I can captured all his facial expressions.
We got to see the Giraffe!!!  He has this stuff toy that we call it Moo cow Giraffe.  When we are at home he always look for giraffe especially when it's time to go to bed.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

NC bankruptcy laws

Moving here in US I learned that some of the citizens been bankrupt problem.  Being born and raised in Asian countries my world turned around.  There's possibility that you get bankrupt without a business.  To say, my hubby had this issue and that was tough days!  Are you struggling how to pay your credits?  If you are in North Carolina you should learn and understand the  nc bankruptcy laws.  Get some help on how to get out in this nightmare!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

2 1/2 dancing boy

My boy, whatever music he hears he can't help it but to dance! He don't care where he at and who are around him. Dance, dance, baby! He has the confidence and I'm so glad our prayers been answered. I know, most of you will say, that it's natural to kids to show off who they are and what their talents are. But I'm sure you encountered children who are not do or show their talents with other people unless just you and the people they knew. My child kinda party maker. He like to show what he got and what he can do. Which for me is amazing and very entertaining. Like when my friend and I had get together and did some karaoke. While my friends were singing my son just got in the middle and started dancing and spinning. Oh well, that the moves he knew so far. Or maybe, I am just a proud momma! hehehe. I am more excited and enthusiast what my son been showing off.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Line 6 guitar center

Being a musician wife, I have to be in the music store all the time. Is not my choice store to shop but as a supporting wife to her husband passion I have to compromise. Many of you will agree with make the relationship work you have to give and take. Same with my hubby he don't like to be in the crowd or socialize but then he did for me. I would say that's how relationship grows. In Line 6 guitar center, they offer discounted prices with some of their products sell. Check it out now before the product still available and promotion is up.

A blessed Easter everyone

This year we celebrate our Easter weekend differently as normal. Our son, spent weekend with his grandparents while hubby and I stay home and just doing our thing together. We missed him so much as we admit but it's good to have a great quality time together as husband and wife. When I came home last night and hubby took me to Buffalo Wild wings to just sit down and talk at the bar and ate some buffalo wings. A little things that we did, not much money to spent but I enjoyed it. We came home after an hour and fired up a movie to watch. Then we went to bed really late but we slept in since the boy are not with us to wake us up. Generally, we had a great time. We did some cleaning today, went to dropped off baby stuff to friend's house, then off for some shopping spree for me and ate at Italian restaurant. It was a great night experience of aloneness again. Can't wait to see our little man tomorrow. We can spend the next weekend with the whole family again.


What's up with krugerrands? Lately, I shopped for gold plated jewelries online. Fortunately, I found some great deal and beautiful pairs. It amused my husband so are some of my friends. They could not believe how much I paid for each of them. And, I can't wait to start shopping again when my money come in. Truly, shopping is a woman therapy. For now scanning and looking what next to buy.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Homes for Sale

More people are saying that this time are the best time to invest money in housing. The interest rate are lower and there are houses are in foreclosure. So why not paying rent monthly and make the apartment riches??? Better to have investment to ourselves and in the future we have something we call our own. Just a practical way...Are you around in North Carolina? There are homes for sale jacksonville nc and they are absolutely in reasonable prices. A place you dream for your family to settle in.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So sweet

No dull moment when you spend every minute with the person who captured our heart. My son is growing up though sometimes I get tired from working so many hours every week and taking care the household chores but having my son make a difference. He lighten us up when storm come. God truly blessed our household with little boy who is very energenic, smart and a happy one. When he spend weekend with his grandparents, me and hubby enjoy the company alone but in the other hand we can't help it but missing him. We mimick all his expressions and words. I think that's naatural for all those parents who are raising toddler. For us every words that he learn to speak and new things that he do are precious. Who would thought, that you can act like them at all. That was fun!!! We can silly in natural way and have a happy life. The time flies too fast and we can stop him from growing. We just enjoy every minute, every moment with him. Soon, time will come that he would resist to sleep in our bed anymore and totally become independent. Time will come that he will not beg for hugs and kisses and he is now. It's funny how he whine for kisses and hugs from us (me and his daddy). Of course, we have to give that right away. Ain't that sweet:-)?